Our Job


What do we do?
Our job is to

* Attend high risk deliveries

* Stabilize infants in the delivery room

* Administer ongoing care & management of admitted infants

* Evaluate & arrange transport of sick infants from outlying hospitals who require intensive care.

DR/NNP Availability
Our neonatologist/nurse practitioner staff is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to attend deliveries and care for premature, sick or potentially sick infants at birth and also after birth when necessary in the St. Mary’s NICU.

DR/NNP Consultation
We consult with family physicians and pediatricians at St. Mary’s when infants do not required NICU care. We consult with parents prenatally to provide information about prenatally diagnosed problems.We serve the outlying community via phone consultation with family physicians and pediatricians at hospitals outside of Madison when transfer isn’t necessary.

What is a neonatologist?
A neonatologist is a physician who does a pediatric residency and is board certified as a pediatrician. He/she completes 3 additional years of subspecialty fellowship in caring for sick newborns and subsequently takes subspecialty boards after completion of training.

What is a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP)?
Neonatal nurse practitioners have a bachelors’ degree in nursing, and often practice in NICUs as patient care nurses before and during their specialized years of Neonatal nurse practitioner training. They learn to resuscitate and medically care for sick infants from the moment of birth. NNPs are specialized in performing procedures and caring for complex medical problems in newborn patients. They are certified and receive a master’s degree in Nursing as a Neonatal nurse practitioner. We are fortunate to have a number of very experienced NNPs working as part of our team.

Who makes up the NICU team?
The neonatologists , nurse practitioners and the St. Mary’s Hospital NICU staff comprise the team who cares for your sick/premature newborn infant in the St. Mary’s NICU. Along with doctors and neonatal nurse practitioners, our team includes trained and highly skilled NICU nurses, specialized respiratory therapists, designated pharmacists, designated neonatal social workers, developmental specialists, pediatric ophthalmologists, and a complete compliment of pediatric and pediatric surgical subspecialists who serve as consultants when the need arises.

Why We Attend Your Delivery?
When your delivery physician has serious concerns about the health of your unborn infant he/she will ask us to attend your delivery. Common issues with the infant necessitating our attendance at your delivery include premature delivery, abnormal fetal heart tones, abnormal amniotic fluid, and suspected infection. A mothers health or pregnancy problems may have direct consequences on her baby. Major maternal concerns effecting the unborn infant may include cesarian section, forceps deliveries, diabetes, preclampsia, multiple gestation pregnancies, and mothers receiving magnesium or narcotics. Your delivering physician will explain why we are present at your delivery.

At Your Delivery
While we are working with your infant in the delivery room we are unable to speak with you because we are focusing on your infant's medical needs. After stablizing your infant we will be happy to discuss our interventions.

After delivery, if your infant has recovered and has no on going concerns we will leave him/her with you. When it is not clear if your infant has totally made a successful transition, we may leave your infant and come back and check on him/her in a short time.

NICU Admission
When an infant requires further evaluation or treatment, he/she is admitted to the NICU. Your infant's care is our top priority and we will update you as soon as possible. When your infant is stabilized in the NICU and you have recovered we encourage you to visit.


NICU Rounds
The neonatal physicians round on all of the patients in the NICU each morning. The timing is variable depending on the demands of our patients. Our goal is to begin between 8am - 9am. Each infant is reviewed with his/her Nurse. All current issues, therapies, and plans are discussed. Parents are invited to listen to rounds on their infant. At the end of rounds we will summarize the problems & plans and try to answer any questions you may have. If you are unable to attend rounds and would like to talk with us, please ask your infant's nurse. We are happy to talk with you as soon as we are available.